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TT Coin Network Apk Newest Money Maker, Free Mining Crypto

TT coin network apk is one of the newest money-making applications in 2021, so what and how does it work?

We know that nowadays there are many ways to make money, one of which is becoming a trend among the public, namely mining or mining cryptocurrencies.

What's that? Quoted from investopedia cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is guaranteed by cryptography. With cryptography, this digital currency are becomess almost impossible to counterfeit.

Later this cryptocurrency will be exchanged for real currency, namely dollars, and later from dollars it will be converted into rupiah and enter our respective accounts.

Then what is the ttcoin network application which is widely referred to as this cryptocurrency money-making application? see the following explanation.

TT Coin Network Apk Newest Money Maker, Free Mining Crypto

What is TTCoin Network

The following is the official understanding from the developer regarding the TTcoin network

TT coin network is a cryptocurrency built on the TRC20 infrastructure. TTCOIN (TC), which is currently trying to distribute and collect investments with the Google Play app. This will make it easier for users and investors with their new projects.

So in short, tt coin network is an application to mine crypto money for free via mobile.

This is a very interesting thing because only with cellphones we can mine crypto money easily and for free, in contrast to other cryptos that require RIG with high specs and even prices.

TTcoin has their own crypto called TC, this crypto you can later list and exchange and become real money that goes into your wallet.

Download TT Coin Network Apk

After knowing the meaning of ttcoin itself, it never hurts to try because who knows you can actually get money for free.

To download the tt coin network apk, you can check on your cellphone playstore, or you can download it HERE.

After successfully downloading and installing, here's how to use tt coin so you can make money with it.

How to Register TTCoin Network

When you have downloaded and installed it perfectly, do the following steps to be able to register yourself at ttcoin:

Open the ttcoin network app,

Please register by logging in through your gmail account,

Log in to the gmail account you want,


How to use it is as follows.

How To Make Free Money With TTcoin Network

After successfully registering, you will be faced with the main screen of ttcoin, and here's how to use it:

Open the ttcoin application and login,

On the main page, please press on the big circle that says Start Mining,

Then mining will start,

Mining count is 24 hours until the yellow circle becomes a full circle,

In one mining session you can get 100 TC per 24 hours,

Then you can only mine again when it's been 24 hours, and so on

After successfully mining or mining, the next question arises, how to withdraw money or withdraw from ttcoin? Here are the steps

How to Withdraw Money on TT Coin

Withdrawing on TTcoin can be said to be easy, because you need to have a wallet and register it to the wallet, please follow these steps:

Install an application called TronLink Pro on the playstore,

Open and search for TT Coin (TC) in the application,

Then please tap on receive,

Tap on the Copy the collection address option and return to the ttcoin network application,

Enter the Wallet option, please paste the collection address that you previously copied,

Enter the amount you want to withdraw, and then follow the steps as instructed.

The thing you need to remember, to be able to make a withdrawal, you must collect a minimum of 30,000 TC.

If in 24 hours you can collect 100 TC then you need 300 days or more or less almost a year.

You can speed up this by giving your referral code to a new user, then you will get 100 TC.


Is TT coin safe?

As far as we know, TTcoin doesn't ask you to enter credit card numbers or anything like that, however nothing can be 100% secure yet.

Does TT coin really pay?

Based on the information we have gathered, there are statements on several youtubers who say they have successfully made a withdrawal, even though no one has really clearly proven it.

Can it be used other than on Android?

Currently it can only be used for those android users, there is no application on IOS yet.

For those of you who are curious and want to try it, there's nothing wrong with that, but if one day you ask for a credit card number or something suspicious, please uninstall it and don't use it ag