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Insurance options that must be owned by modern women

Insurance options that must be owned by modern women

Insurance options that must be owned by modern women
Insurance options that must be owned by modern women /pixabay

Being a career woman in modern times is an interesting challenge. Not only because a woman will be asked to provide full service to the family, but a woman must also pay attention to career, self-development, and family.

No wonder a modern woman has a responsibility that is equally great and requires the right financial and career planning. One of them is about the need for insurance protection. However, it is not easy to choose the right type of insurance for modern women who can provide comprehensive protection and according to needs.

The following article is specifically dedicated to modern women who are dynamic with a lot of attention to be paid on many things. Starting from his family, children, and personal themselves. Especially for you modern women, here are reviews.

Optional insurance for modern women who focus on career and family

Being a career woman has many responsibilities. However, it is not surprising, especially in big cities, if many women, besides being housewives, also pursuing careers in certain fields.

Such reality certainly has an impact on the life of modern women today. One of them is about insurance options needed to cover various risks. The following are is recommendations for the right type of insurance for modern women’s.

1. Pregnancy insurance and maternity insurance

It's natural for a woman to get pregnant and then become a mother. Giving birth can be a considerable financial risk and requires protection if you have to undergo a caesarean section that requires medical care. Therefore, pregnancy insurance and maternity insurance must be owned by a modern woman to ensure children's health and themselves.

2. Health insurance for protection from cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is a feared specter, especially modern women who are vulnerable because of the life and lifestyle of urban areas. In addition, data shows that there are 40 Indonesian women who are very likely to get cervical cancer every day. Therefore, many insurance companies currently provide protection against the risk of cervical cancer.

However, it should be noted that if you want to use this type of insurance, check out from the start. Considering coverage policies starting from the initial stages of events until the last and final stages.

3. Health insurance for protection from breast cancer

This type of insurance coverage must be asked by an insurance agent first. Considering the importance of having this type of insurance. In addition, there is data that breast cancer is no. 1 female killer in Indonesia. Ask a full question about this insurance program with an insurance agent that you trust.

4. Pure life insurance

This fourth type of insurance is a type of compulsory insurance for modern women. Because no one can predict the arrival of disasters. Especially if a woman works in an environment that is vulnerable to work accidents.

Life insurance will provide benefits and positive impacts for life insurance policy holders. Because it is not only useful for policyholders, but for the entire insured family. Because if something negative occurs, the life insurance policy will be used as a form of potential for financial protection.

The type of insurance must be owned by many modern women. Some of them are in the above reviews. There are some insurance that must be owned, such as pregnancy insurance and maternity insurance. And health insurance for protection from cancer that is susceptible to women especially modern and dynamic modern women.

Here are tips for choosing insurance for modern women

Choosing insurance especially for a woman can't be careless. This needs to be examined and must request an insurance agent before dropping the insurance policy choice to buy. Here is a summary of short tips about choosing insurance for modern women.

1. Know the ability to pay insurance premiums

The first certainly must know the ability of personal purchasing power. Having insurance means increasing costs. Therefore adjust to personal purchasing power before dropping what type of insurance must be selected.

2. Adjust the type according to your needs

Avoid buying unnecessary insurance. Experts say only having health insurance does not need to up to two. This is because it is related to the calculation of premium numbers that must be paid.

3. Select insurance only from trusted companies

No need to be disappointed because the police also did not go down. Choose insurance from trusted companies especially insurance provided for certain diseases such as health insurance for cancer or the like. Maybe the premium is a little more expensive, but the benefits will be obtained when time is really needed.

4. negotiate and ask as much insurance agents as possible

Many examples of when filing claims people blame insurance companies because they feel hampered and cannot cause disbursement. It can't be a mistake of the insurance company itself. However, there are several percentages where claims do not run liquids because some terms are not included in insurance coverage.

Insurance companies have different schemes from one to another. As a policy holder, everything to do is know in detail so that there are no problems when making claims.

5. Avoid excessive promotions

This is not just a promoted product. Insurance also includes the most frequently promoted. However, choosing insurance must be done in detail and know all the ins and outs. This is done so as not to experience disappointment in the future.

Understand in detail the type of insurance to choose

Choosing the right insurance for modern women is actually easy. Because in choosing insurance it is necessary to understand the details of the type of insurance that will be selected. By choosing the right insurance, insurance benefits can be obtained. With the increasing understanding of prospective users about the type of insurance that will be chosen, it will make it easier to make claims. Submission of more easy claims is certainly useful when needed. Source:nengemily