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6 Easy and Fast How to Make Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

Mediabritarakyat.my.id - WhatsApp now has a new feature that allows every user to create WhatsApp stickers from WA Web or web.whatsapp.com directly.

Through this feature, you can also add text and emoji, as well as cropping on the sticker to be made. In detail, here's an easy way to make WhatsApp stickers on WA Web.

6 Easy and Fast How to Make Your Own WhatsApp Stickers
6 Easy How to Make Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

How to make WhatsApp stickers on WA Web

1. Open your WhatsApp Web.

2. Open any chat or chat.

3. Click the paperclip icon or the blue one.

4. Select the best photos stored on your iPhone or computer.

5. Create the sticker you want with various text and effect options.

6. If you have, click the send button. However, please note that each sticker must be exactly 512x512 pixels in size and less than 100 Kb.

Also, there should be a 16px margin between the sticker image and the 512x512px canvas edge. You will also need to create an icon to represent the sticker pack with a size of 96x96 pixels and less than 50 Kb.

WhatsApp is still developing its messaging application. If in the past the addition of the feature was to limit messages to reduce the spread of hoax news, now WhatsApp has provided support for its users to create their own stickers. This sticker can be shared by friends or cousin uncle who are still listed in your contacts.

To make it, WhatsApp says that at least you have to have coding skills to be able to make your own stickers. However, this is denied by the presence of third-party applications that are directly able to insert the sticker pack you created into WhatsApp.

Needless to say, here's how to easily make your own WhatsApp stickers. For the record, you need to know that your cellphone and WhatsApp must have the sticker feature before you can make it.

1. Downloading third-party apps

The first step you have to do is download and install an application that can transfer photos or images that you want to use as stickers to WhatsApp. The application is like Personal Sticker for WhatsApp. Choose the one that suits you best.

2. Edit your photo or picture

Before opening the application, define and edit the photos or images that you have and if you want to make them a sticker. Editing can use Adobe Photoshop or an application called a background eraser which is useful for removing image backgrounds. Or you can also directly download the image you like. Make sure the image you have edited is in PNG format.

3. Insert and name your sticker

After your photo is edited and ready to be used as a sticker, open the application you just downloaded. Look for the create sticker pack option. Write down the title of your sticker pack and enter all the images into the sticker pack using the options provided.

If you have questions to access your pictures and videos folder, answer allow. After that, select the image earlier and select save sticker or save sticker.

4. Add your sticker

The last step you need to do is press the add button and voila, please share your stickers in chat. To save a sticker that doesn't exist, all you have to do is press the sticker, then select save to favorite.

When you want to access the sticker, which you don't have, you can simply select the star icon. There are stickers that you have favorited.

5. It's better to edit outside the sticker application

Keep in mind that some of these third-party applications have an image editing feature so you no longer need to edit outside of the application. But generally the editing features there are not as complete as others, so it's still better to edit your images outside of a sticker adder application. In addition to being more detailed, you can make your stickers neater and more colorful.

Those are the easy steps for 5 easy ways to make your own WhatsApp stickers. Now try to make it. Who knows your stickers are in demand by many people and you can sell them, it's really good for your side income.